Organic Cotton Sherpa Fleece-Waterproof ECO-PUL™ Fabric (W-532)-ProSoft® Stretch-FIT - Natural


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ProSoft® Stretch-FIT Organic Cotton Sherpa Fleece Waterproof ECO-PUL™ Fabric (W-532) - Natural

Introducing our Soft and stretchy Waterproof Fabric – a revolutionary blend of 1 mil PUL and ProECO® Stretch-FIT Organic Cotton Sherpa Fleece. Dual-sided for warmth and waterproofing, it's a versatile absorber and barrier. Lycra ensures a snug fit with a four-way stretch, while CPSIA certification guarantees safety. Durable for 300+ washes, eco-friendly, and meeting USA standards, this fabric also fends off dust. Elevate your experience with this premium, sustainable, and comfortable solution.

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