About Us

Fabric is something that has bound family and friends together like no other material in the world.It unleash creativity,spur innovation, inspire to new designs and handmade artistry like no other medium. 

Be it decorative pillowcases for beds; stunning curtains that highlight our living rooms; cute dresses that make our daughters and granddaughters feel like princesses—it’s provides us the chance to share more of who we are with every thread. 

That’s why we founded Fabricanaus, a premier online fabrics store that brings together the most beautiful, high-quality fabrics for DIY crafters, seamstresses, and creative artists who are looking to do more with their projects. 

A Catalog Designed for Creatives 

As seamstresses and creative professionals, we care about the quality of the fabric because we know it can make all the difference in the quality of our work. From premium cotton to silk to rayon to linen, we’ve got everything you’ll need to design custom-made skirts, totes and bags, bin covers, blankets, sheets, and so much more. 

In fact, we offer exclusive patterns, designs and fabric types you won’t find in a standard brick and mortar store. Our extensive fabric list is larger and more diverse than other outlets because we hand select each one based on a variety of factors that only true seamstresses, artists, and crafters would understand. 

These include things such as fade-resistant colors, soft to durable fabric types, brilliant and fun patterns, and selections that give you more options when you’re being creative. 

For example, you might want to create something for pet lovers, so we’ve brought together some adorable cat and dog-patterned fabrics. We also have some more whimsical offerings for people creating items for young children; or who like feeling more unique with their wear. 

Overall, we focus on four   main aspects to bring you the highest-quality fabrics possible, including: 

  • Creativity and overall enjoyment. Fabrics that allow you to express your love of art, sewing, nature, animals, family, friends and so much more. 
  • Long-lasting resilience. Quality that’s designed to last with regular use and wear. We choose fabric counts and types that excite your imagination and personal needs. 
  • Diversity in selection. We all have things we love and are passionate about. We hope to help you express yourself  with a wider assortment of unique   
  • Responsive customer service. We care about you our customers and your goals, which is why we’re constantly expanding our offering and providing fast support. 

Whether you’re a beginner in the world of sewing or you’re running your own online  store, we want to be the go-to fabric store for women and men everywhere. If you love fabric, this is the place to be. Please check back often to see our updated patterns and styles and do reach out if you have questions or would like to see something in our store!