Art Gallery Fabrics Hello Ollie by Bonnie Christine.

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Type: Fabric


  • Content: 100% Cotton.
  • Pattern: Eyes Print.
  • Size: 44-45” inches.
  • Type: Premium Cotton.
  • Usage: Skirts, Blouse, Button-down Shirts, Purses, and Quilts.
  • Reorderable: Yes.


Meadow Dreams Lace, Like the delicate trace left by a Swan’s dance on the water, this collection illustrates the image of spending an afternoon in the meadow by the lake. Named after Bonnie’s daughter, Ollie, the sweetness is brought to life with dabbling swans, feathered fellows, and garden blooms.

Country Of Origin: Korea.

Washing Instructions: Machine Washable/ Tumble Dry.

Collection: Organic Cotton.

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