Waxed Canvas - Cotton Duck 10oz - Lemon - Curry - Big Duck Canvas - WAX-1010-LC


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This 10oz waxed Army Duck canvas gets its water repellency from non-toxic, non-hazardous wax. Its finish helps it shed water like that off the proverbial duck's back. A fabric with a zillion uses, this cotton fabric is made with a very tight, plied yarn weave so it's strong and resistant to tearing. Waxed canvas typically doesn't need to be washed, and requires a minimum of care to maintain it. This fabric performs well in almost all conditions, hot and cold temperatures included.

Sew It!
We sew with our waxed canvas—no problem! More importantly, customers tell us how happy they are with the way it sews, even on a home sewing machine. The high-quality wax doesn't transfer to other surfaces with typical use.

Suggested Projects
What projects are right for this awesome material? A few of the many we know about include backpacks (popular), tote bags, hats, equestrian accessories, vests, dog gear, dog beds, work aprons and outdoor gear.

Vintage Look
Waxed is super popular, and we're sure one reason is its rugged, handsome good looks. It's different than pretty much any other fabric, and the first time you use it you might be in for a surprise. It develops creases or wrinkles ('craze marks') as you use it. Don't be alarmed, this is a good thing. Over time, the fabric develops its own character as it wears and patinas. Many people compare it to leather in this regard. If you wanted to, you could use a hair dryer to minimize the appearance of these lines, but our recommendation is to let it age and achieve the worn, vintage look that most people really prefer!

Category Waxed Canvas, Cotton Canvas, Army Duck, Water Repellent Fabric
Weave Construction Single Fill, Plied Yarn
Fabric Content 100% Cotton
Finish Non-Toxic Waxed
Color* Lemon Curry
Fabric Width 58"
Weight (per sq yd) 10 oz
Hand Medium

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